Are you at a crossroads in life, feeling stuck, or looking for a new direction? I use bodywork and breathwork to help people to live more fulfilling lives by working through emotional barriers held in the body. As well as offering bodywork and breathwork sessions, I offer Life Purpose consultations, heart-centered conversations to help people find flow and direction in life.

I believe that the body – particularly the heart – is a useful guide, and that many of the answers that we seek can emerge by being willing to feel the sensations that the body holds,.

By journeying into the body using the breath, touch, movement and sound we can become more present with ourselves, our needs, our gifts and skills, and the legacies of the past that have held us back. Life can be lived more consciously and in alignment with true wishes, rather than from a place of duty or obligation.

I work with you to help you:

  • Deepen self-knowledge: identify what matters to you, what your values are, what is true for you
  • Identify and experience unhelpful behavioural patterns and unresolved emotions from within the body so that they can dissolve
  • Open up to your full range of emotions and feel your aliveness
  • Improve the relationship with yourself and others
  • Step into your power and develop new ways of supporting yourself
  • Take action to begin creating a more meaningful life


Using a trauma-informed approach, I offer two ways of working

  • Life Purpose Work – coaching-style work, using a blend of creative techniques, including breathwork, to help you identify what makes life meaningful for you and to build a vision for yourself
  • Body and Breathwork – a direct conversation with the body using touch and breath for self-discovery and emotional healing

Read on to learn more about each of these practices and for pricing and booking information.


“The sessions woke up dormant aspects of my personality, as well as helping me to find new parts of myself, and they were fun and interesting. Right from the start, I learnt so much about what holds me back, and I am now taking on projects I never thought I would be doing”

In these sessions I help clients find their spark of joy, motivation and a sense of what is meaningful to them. I blend together a variety of techniques to create an optimum environment for people to access and explore their inner wisdom.

The techniques I use include:

  • Embodied breathwork to connect with the wisdom of the heart and the emotions
  • Dialogue to uncover themes and passions
  • Metaphor cards to invite self-reflection
  • Practical worksheets to turn ideas into action

The intention is to enable clarity to emerge from these sessions by exploring what has led clients to where they are now, the avenues they took or didn’t take, and what is within them that is still waiting to be expressed. The work sets the foundations for further exploration and experimentation. In this sense it is a creative process.

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Initial sessions cost £85 for 90 minutes, and follow-up sessions cost £65 for 60 minutes. I also offer packages. You can find more information about this on the Services page

Sessions take place online via Zoom, or in-person at Clinic 124, Whitstable. Online bookings can be made by contacting me directly. In-person sessions can be booked via the Clinic 124 website by clicking on the “in person consultation” button below.

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Life Purpose In-Person Consultation


“These sessions have let me delve into myself and express my emotions in a safe place without judgement

Body and breathwork sessions are done on a massage table, usually onto bare skin. We work together to activate energetic points on the body so that whatever it is holding onto can be discovered, felt and ultimately released.

The breath plays a key role in the work: by taking a conscious breath, clients come into connection with themselves at a deeper level and experience themselves in new ways. When this happens, life usually begins to change.

Sessions begin by connecting with the energy of the heart, which holds the wisdom of who we really are. Heart energy can become blocked when we experience trauma or are treated in unloving ways by ourselves and others. The defences that form for self-protection become obstacles to really knowing ourselves and our desires.

This process can reveal physical sensations, emotions and memories that need attending to. A willingness to breathe towards the experiences and to really feel them is the magic ingredient for bringing about expansion and change.

The work challenges clients to let go of control, old coping mechanisms, and anything else that has been keeping them out of the flow of their own lives.

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These sessions cost £65 for 60 minutes or £85 for 90 minutes, and they take place at Clinic 124, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1BW. Please see the Services page for more information if you wish to benefit from a reduced rate by buying a block of sessions. Bookings can be made via the clinic website by clicking on the button below.

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Alternatively, you can contact me directly, if preferred.

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Book in for a 15 minute online discovery call to discuss your options.

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