I am a Somatic Breathwork Coach, providing trauma-informed body and breathwork. I use breath, touch, movements and sound to help people get to know themselves more deeply and to release emotions that have been held in the body.  

This can include helping people to:

  • Become more attuned to themselves and their needs by accessing the wisdom of the body with the breath
  • Explore the connection between physical and emotional pain
  • Expand into parts of the body that have been tight and contracted for self-protection
  • Work with feelings of stuckness, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, grief and depression
  • Become more aware of the presence of different emotional states


Many people have developed coping mechanisms that distance themselves from their bodies to avoid making contact with physical or emotional pain. Some of those mechanisms include over-thinking, feeling scattered, being absent-minded, and living outside of the body (dissociation). 

These are all versions of going into fight, flight, or freeze mode, and while these are powerful survival tools, they are not optimal states from which to experience life.  Somatic breathwork gives a pathway to inhabit the body fully, and to experience the sensations and emotions along the way.

Each person has their own reason for doing this work, but here are a few common examples of what draws them to it:

  • They are experiencing physical symptoms that cannot be attributed to a medical diagnosis, despite thorough investigation
  • They know that they are holding in emotion but find it difficult to access
  • They want more from life and feel held back or stuck in some way
  • They want to feel more present in their lives
  • They are caught up in behavioural patterns that they know do not serve them
  • They have experienced trauma and/or loss and they wish to process it so that they can engage more fully in their lives

Usually clients lie on a massage table and I put my hands on different parts of the body, either directly onto the skin, or through clothing. At the same time, I make movements on the skin and I coach clients to experience themselves from the inside using the breath. This might give rise to emotions, memories, or physical sensations. 

Learning how to use the breath to explore inside the body is a valuable skill. I help my clients to orient themselves inwards by asking them are noticing in each moment so that gradually they become more attuned to what is happening inside. As they meet the edges of pain or discomfort with the breath, often something softens or relaxes internally, or an emotion is touched. 

By using touch and the breath, my clients learn a new way to connect with themselves that enables them to become more present, and more available to relate to themselves and others.

I also offer an online version of the work. Read more…

If you are currently undergoing counselling or psychotherapy, it is important to discuss this with your therapist prior to making a booking.


To gain the most from this work I recommend coming for an initial session, and then to sign up for a block a 6 sessions.



My interest in bodywork began in 2002, when I trained as a massage therapist. Fifteen years later, having spent several years working as a coach at a community mental health charity, I began training in a form of emotional release bodywork called Amanae. I qualified as a practitioner in January 2020, and I have continued to add different techniques and therapeutic skills along the way. I have a good working knowledge of trauma, how it manifests in the body, and how to work with it. 

I have developed counselling skills and awareness of psychotherapeutic concepts to be able to work at a relational level with my clients. I have been through my own long-term therapeutic process, and I receive regular professional supervision to ensure that my clients receive the most benefit they possibly can from the work. For a full list of my experience and qualifications click here.


Book a Discovery Call. This is a free 15 minute call on Zoom that gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and to explore whether you would like to work together.

Or, you can make a booking here. Please note my cancellation policy: appointments can be moved once with at least 1 week’s notice. Payment is taken upon booking, and I do not offer refunds. 

Sessions are offered once a month on a Saturday morning. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me, as I may be able to offer you alternative dates.

© Susie Chassagne 2022 

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