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Life Purpose Work helps you to explore what makes your life meaningful and to identify how to align with your deepest wishes and take action. When we make choices that do not serve our highest good, life can become stagnant or crisis comes knocking.

In her book, Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Debbie Ford writes,

“We were taught that it’s hard work to go after our dreams. We may not have understood that it’s even more difficult living day in and day out with the knowledge that we don’t pursue them. We are left without desire, which is the key to fulfilling our full spiritual potential. We are left with desperation, which builds up slowly and expresses itself in our bodies as disease and in our psyche as rage.”

Sometimes it is easier – and even necessary – to put dreams on the shelf and get caught up in the necessities of life. Sometimes the pursuit of the day-to-day is a way of avoiding bigger questions about purpose and meaning.

Eventually though, life usually conspires to push people out of places and situations that they are not supposed to be.

The people I work with know that they have lots to offer, but despite their efforts they are frustrated by the result of their endeavours. They are longing for more meaning and connection in their lives and they know that something needs to change.

Here is what I have to offer to help people to get to the heart of their “what” and “why” in life. I use a combination of the following techniques in my work.


I help clients find clarity through conversation. I ask questions that are intended to draw out the themes that have permeated their lives and that are meaningful. Usually these conversations explore past experiences, present circumstances, and future wishes. I am interested to discover what is missing, as well as what is present. Some of the questions we may explore are:

  • What are your interests and abilities and are you currently working with these?
  • What are your values and do you orient your life around these at the moment?
  • What are the key experiences that have shaped your life?
  • What are the unlived dreams of other family members. Have you been unknowingly trying to fulfil someone else’s wish in your life?
  • What has been stopping you from pursuing certain avenues until now?


I use breathwork with my clients when barriers appear that need working on at a deeper level. We may do this for just a few minutes during a session or for longer, depending upon what is needed. The results are often powerful.

Breathwork touches into the parts of the soul that are suffering, often because truth and values couldn’t be expressed, causing pain and misalignment in life. Using the breath to work with whatever arises allows old patterns to shift and change.

As you come into closer alignment with your heart’s energy and make choices from here, you weave authenticity into your life, increasing the chances that others will connect with what you are doing.

In practical terms, this involves using a conscious breath through the mouth to connect with the sensations in your body by placing a hand on your heart space. I will guide you to bring your breath into your body and to feel the sensations there. This can give rise to new insights and emotional shifts.


I use OH cards with my clients to help them explore their dilemma in a creative way. These cards do not have any intrinsic significance, the images they portray are open to be interpreted, and can be a really fun way of connecting with the unconscious to find solutions that might not have been evident previously.

“Our unconscious always knows the right thing to do, how to find a way out of the situation, and what choice to make; it is only necessary to learn to listen to it. Metaphoric associative cards, in this case, are an indispensable guide and assistant.”

OH Cards Institute


To help my clients develop their ideas I have produced a series of worksheets that support the grounding of ideas into reality through action, reflection and experimentation.


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