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Read about my clients’ experiences with bodywork and breathwork, including life purpose work.

“If you think you could benefit from releasing some pent up stress, anger or grief but the work sounds a bit scary and you are sceptical like I initially was, I would encourage you to give it a try. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the sessions, and how much I got out of them.” Read more…


“Susie is very intuitive and knows exactly where she needs to be when working with someone. With her warm and gentle personality and approach I immediately felt it easy to connect with Susie and to surrender into whatever came up for me on the table. Sometimes I had no idea what was happening because often emotions or tension came from the subconscious, where it had been stored since early childhood. This is where Susie’s intuitive and on-point coaching skills came in and added to the magic: she knows exactly what to ask or say to subtly guide me to a deeper level of myself. I had some profound insights, which helped me understand my childhood family dynamics and how this is still impacting me in my adult relationships. Having this awareness has been a beautiful starting point to shift and move into more healthy patterns.”


“I had one of the most amazing experiences when Susie worked on me! For the first time in decades I actually felt my heart open. It’s like going from a black and white 2D world to 3D colour experience! I will always remember this session and be grateful for what Susie did that day.”


I had a brilliant session with Susie and would highly recommend her as a practitioner. She put me at ease, was empathetic and professional, and the therapy itself was very beneficial to me.


Having been keen to experience this for a while, I was happy to try a session with Susie. I was not disappointed. It is an intriguing process that enabled my body to express early childhood trauma in a series of visual images and feelings. Although some of them were potentially quite disturbing, Susie held the space and gently encouraged me to go further into those revelations. It has helped me understand how past trauma can still be present and I can see a path to work with that and gradually release it. I am looking forward to another session with Susie.



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