Learn About Breathwork

Breathwork provides a way of consciously meeting and exploring the self. It allows us to ask, “who am I inside my body?” Read on to learn about breathwork as I practice it in my sessions with clients.

Many people are not accustomed to taking full breaths into their bodies, so often the first session involves some coaching to help you experience what it is like to use your breath to explore inside your body and to connect with the sensations you meet there.

The way in which someone breathes reveals some of the ways that they interact with life and how they have survived their experiences. As we work together I pay attention to where your breath goes to get a sense of how you are connecting with your heart space, and how your energy grounds itself through your body.


The breathing style I use during the sessions is to inhale and exhale via the mouth, emptying the lungs on the out-breath. This is a letting go gesture which gives the body permission to release rather than contract.

Breathing through the mouth is commonly cited as being a bad thing to do. However, in the context of this work it brings people directly in touch with their inner states. It is a conscious breath.

The moment an emotion or pain is really fully observed, felt, met, it’s like a catalyst for something to happen. It won’t stay the same. If it’s been jammed in and tight… it will start to move, just because it’s observed. Even if it moves further in it’s still moving, it’s changing. So we don’t need to make change happen, we just need to bring our presence.”

Ruth Hoskins, Body Psychotherapist


I use a combination of techniques, one of which is called Amanae. The full technique includes working directly on the body (Somatic Breathwork). I have adapted it for online work. If you would like to experience Somatic Breathwork you can find out more about it, including how to book, here. You can learn more about it by watching this film footage.

In simple terms: What is Amanae Body & Breathwork? (6.01 minutes)


You might also be interested to explore the group work I offer in Whitstable, Kent, which includes meditation groups, retreats and workshops for bodywork. Visit the Conscious Breathwork For The Heart website for more information.


It is not easy to learn about breathwork from an intellectual perspective. With that in mind, if you are considering having your first session and you would like to experience the breathing technique beforehand here’s a little exercise you could do. 

IMPORTANT: If you are feeling overwhelmed or flooded with emotions please do not do this on your own. 

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  2. Choose a comfortable place to sit in where your back will be supported
  3. Place a hand lightly on your heart space (in the centre of your sternum, a few centimetres up from where your ribs meet on your chest)
  4. Close your eyes
  5. Begin to breathe in and out through the mouth, and imagine that you are bringing your breath to meet your hand
  6. Notice how it feels to do this. Where does your breath go? Your chest, your belly, your legs and feet? Or does it stay up high in your body near your shoulders and throat?
  7. Does your head get busy and distract you?
  8. Now, begin to make a sighing noise as you empty your lungs. What is it like to make this noise? Does it feel good? Do you feel silly? Do you struggle to make a sound?

You can practice this exercise breath by breath, meaning even if you start by just taking a single breath in this way you are making an important connection.

As you get more used to doing this you can begin to increase the amount of time you spend practicing the breathing.

Some days it might feel easier than others. There is no end goal with this exercise, the purpose is simply to experience yourself and your own body, and to notice what happens when you use this type of breathwork.

You may discover that you have not inhabited your body for a long time, and this technique can give you a route back to reconnecting with it

You can also try the breathing technique by clicking on the meditation below. Breathwork is a process that evolves through practice so don’t worry if you find it difficult to connect with when trying it by yourself.

Breathwork Meditation

To learn about breathwork in another practical way please feel free to visit my bookings page, where you will find pricing and links to make an appointment.

Or, book in for a discovery call if you would like to discuss how this work might help you.

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