How To Prepare For Online Breathwork

It is important to prepare for an online breathwork session, as it may intensify your emotional experiences, so timing is the first thing to consider.


It is also good to think about what support is available to you: friends, family, therapists, spiritual/religious or support groups, for example. I have created a worksheet you can use to assess how well-supported you are, and to identify any gaps.


If you don’t have much support available to you in your life there are different ways we can work. One option would be to work on a coaching basis first and build up to adding in small amounts of breathwork. I also have some techniques that we can use to help calm the nervous system. Read this article to learn more about what online breathwork sessions might include.

If you are in a state of crisis or feeling flooded with emotions, I may recommend that you seek the help of a counsellor or psychotherapist and spend some time establishing a therapeutic relationship with them before thinking about adding in any breathwork. 

If you are already working with a counsellor or psychotherapist it would be important to discuss this with them first. Breathwork can work very well in combination with counselling and psychotherapy when it is taken on at the right time.

What sets this work apart from some other therapies is that is a collaboration whereby you are an active participant rather than a recipient of a treatment, so it is worth checking to see if this feels like the gesture you need right now.

You can try the breathwork technique by purchasing the meditation that is available in my shop to see how you find it.

You can also book in for a discovery call where we can discuss your situation and explore this together. There is no obligation to make an appointment after the conversation if you decide it’s not for you. Click on the link below to book in.

Discovery Call


Once you’ve decided you are ready to go ahead, here are some practical tips to help you to prepare.

  • Please wear comfy clothes and have a bottle of water to hand
  • When doing breathwork you will need to drink more water than usual during and after the session to help process the work.
  • It is advisable to avoid making plans for the rest of the day/evening if possible, as you may need time to process whatever has arisen.
  • Set an intention for each online breathwork session. This is not the same as an expectation, which can be a barrier. Intentions can be held more lightly, and they range from being specific to more general. For example, “I intend to connect with my emotions”.
  • The energy of the session will begin before your session. It may begin the moment that the appointment is made. I encourage clients to stay aware of what happens to them in the run-up to sessions, including their interactions with others, and also their emotional state.
  • It is not unusual to get cold feet before coming. Please do contact me if this is happening so that we can discuss it, as it may be an important part of your process.

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