Heart-Centred Career Worksheet

Sometimes it seems easier to use your talents to help build other people’s dreams rather than to use them to build your own business. I am here to help you to prepare yourself for this transition.

Download my  Heart-Centered Career worksheets, designed to help you reflect upon your situation and to make some important decisions.

Use these reflective worksheets to help you:

Take stock of your current career situation.

Identify the qualities and skills that you could be using elsewhere.

Consider how you would like to put your skills to use and the effect you might have.

Identify some steps you can take and start taking action.

✓ Work through some of the worries and challenges

Hi, I’m Susie,

Having worked in industries where I saw really talented people suffering as they sold their skills to advance the work of large corporations, I have always been motivated to help people to identify what matters to them and to create careers that are aligned with this.

I have a background of coaching people suffering with mental health challenges to help them find meaningful activities. I developed techniques that brought clarity and a sense of personal agency and value.

I went on to train as an Amanae Practitioner, a powerful form of body, breath and energy work that helps overcome emotional obstacles and create clarity, connection and alignment to people’s lives.

By combining these two skillsets I now  help people find their way out of the constraints of employment and to create more meaningful lives in self-employment.