Heal Your Emotions

Are you frightened to encounter and heal your emotions?

In a world where we are presented with endless ways to distract ourselves from the major concerns of our lives, it is tempting to imagine that we can simply leave the past behind and move on. However, suffering is an integral part of the human experience. If it is ignored, supressed, or run away from, life keeps sending out invitations to deal with it in the form of problems, accidents, sickness, and other unfortunate events that have the potential to create a crack wide enough for the light to get in.

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If we do not meet these opportunities, we do not become all that we could be. We get caught up in behavioural patterns that are destructive or that keep us stagnated, and we never get the chance to meet ourselves in our full glory, recognize our true beauty, or experience how good it feels to take full responsibility for how we spend our time on this earth.

“When left unhealed, the past will destroy our lives. It buries our unique gifts, our creativity, and our talents.” Debbie Ford

If this resonates with you, I would encourage you to read on to discover three compelling reasons as-to why it might be worth spending some time healing yourself, and how you might do this using body and breathwork.


Your mind likes to try to keep you safe by predicting how future experiences are going to be by referring back to past experiences that are similar. When it encounters the idea of something new – like healing yourself – fear arises and it begins to tell all sorts of stories that lead to doom. Wanting to “keep you safe”, its sole objective is to move away from the object of fear by grabbing onto seemingly plausible reasons or imagined scenarios so that you stay the same, because it has a preference for the familiar, even if the familiar is unpleasant.

The antidote to this is to over-ride the frightened mind and to accept that the fear exists. Fear is a healthy response to the prospect of revisiting and cleaning up old wounds. Body and Breathwork sessions often begin with high levels of fear, which presents the opportunity to fully feel how it manifests physically, and what it feels like as an emotion in the body.

People usually discover that the fear gives way to a different emotion quite quickly. For some, this is the first time they will learn that they can tolerate their own feelings and that they will pass. This small act begins to turn the tide: emotions no longer need to be escaped from.

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Body and Breathwork is a practice of meeting energy in the body that may have been lodged there for decades because something couldn’t be completed. For example, if as a child you were not seen or listened to by your parents, you may be holding deep hurt, resentment, and anger about this. When these emotions are released via the body, you and the practitioner are there to bear witness to the child that wasn’t seen at the time, this resolves the energetic block that you have held onto for many years, and you are released of the burden.

Now, you are free to go about in the world with less sadness, hurt and anger. It becomes easier to accept that your parents couldn’t be how you wanted them to be. The way you relate to yourself may change, as well as the way you relate to others.

We can never know in advance exactly how this will play out, but this work enables you to expand yourself; in time you are rewarded by the new choices and behaviour that that follow organically in the space that has opened up.

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People who have been deeply hurt in life find clever strategies to guard their hearts from further damage. Those strategies would have been absolutely necessary in childhood, but in adulthood they have the capacity to close someone off from both giving and receiving emotion.

You may desperately want a meaningful relationship with another person, but you may simultaneously be holding them at bay for self-protection. Body and Breathwork sessions always begin by activating heart energy. This means a gradual removal of all the barricades so that you can feel your own heart and others can too.

This may sound incredibly abstract, you could think of it like turning on the wifi signal so that others can connect with it.

The more you are able to sit with your own emotions, the more space there is to be present with other people’s emotions, and for you to advocate for your own needs whilst also respecting theirs. A more mature and deeper relationship becomes possible.

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Body and Breathwork sessions offer a space in which to feel, honour and release all emotions that the body holds onto. The beauty of this work is that you don’t have to go searching for it, you can allow it to come up through the body. By simply breathing and feeling into your body, whatever needs to be felt will be revealed.

The fear of diving into such a depth of emotion can be overwhelming, but the cost of carrying it is to feel depressed and stuck in your life. This work allows emotions to be fully expressed and transformed.

Experience the breathwork with this free meditation

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