Here are some resources for you to explore that are intended to support you, both practically in-between bodywork sessions, and also as you explore what gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose.

This is an opportunity to experiment and discover what works best for you, and to increase your own internal resources.


Lie down

Feeling your back make full contact with the surface underneath you, and place your hand on your heart-space

Box breathing

Inhale through the nose for 4 counts, hold at the top of the breath for 4 counts, exhale through the nose for 4 counts, hold at the bottom of the breath for 4 counts. Repeat this as many times as is needed

Breathing into the belly

Stand upright, bend your knees a little, place your hand on your belly and bring your breath down into your belly to meet your hand. See if you can feel your legs and your feet as you practice this. This will encourage the energy to down through your body to create a sense of being grounded

Take a nap 

A simple but effective way of allowing your system to re-set itself

Programme rest time

Allocate time each day week to rest, take a proper lunch break when working, switch off electronic devices and carve out quiet moments for yourself when you are unavailable to others. Where possible, spend time in nature, and (if possible) with pets/animals

Use a weighted blanket

Lying under a weighted blanket can create a sense of containment that allows the nervous system to settle. You could also experiment with layering normal blankets over a heavy duvet.

Pillow bolstering in bed

Lie in your preferred position in bed and place  rectangular pillows lengthways either side of you and another horizontally underneath your feet. This reduces the space around you and creates a sense of being held. 

This is a technique that I have found to be helpful when being kept awake with chronic pain at night.

EFT Tapping Technique

Here is a video you can follow 


Nature and Movement

Get outside in nature and move your body, let your arms swing and your legs move to discharge some of the intensity into the ground

Breathe into your belly and legs

Support your system with the intensity of the feeling by bending your legs slightly and breathing into your belly. If you can feel anger running down your arms into your hands, find a cushion or a mattress that you can hit. Make sure that you are not at risk of hurting yourself or others while you are doing this


When anger is bordering on rage it is usually necessary to have someone with you who can support you so that you can be with it. Eventually your system will learn that this too is a feeling and that you will survive it


Children who have gone to boarding school develop particular types of defence mechanisms to cope with the experience of fending for themselves at an age when they needed the presence and guidance of loving parents.

Children who have been sent away to school are often faced with the dilemma of how to be true to their own feelings in the face of the financial sacrifice that their parents have made, and the “privileged” education that they have received.

Psychotherapist, Nick Duffell, runs workshops aimed at supporting adults who have been to boarding school. He has also written a book, entitled “The Making of Them: the British Attitude to Children and the Boarding School System” 

Visit his website:

See also, “Boarding School Syndrome. The psychological trauma of the ‘privileged’ child” by Joy Schaverien


If you are thinking about changing your career to become self-employed, I have pulled together articles, resources and worksheets to help you. 

Here is a free resource entitled “Put Yourself On The Spot” to explore how you might respond if your job disappeared overnight. 

I have also created a series of reflective worksheets, intended to help you to help you make decisions about career, change, build a vision, identify your intentions and any potential hurdles you foresee, and to work through some of the difficulties you encounter along the way. These are available for a small fee and can be found in my online shop by clicking on the button below.

You might also wish to read the articles I have written about how to approach the question of what you should do with your life, and the pros and cons of self-employment:

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