Begin Your Journey

It can be daunting to ask yourself what you want to do with your life and to take the right steps to bring your vision into the world, especially for sensitive, creative souls.

You might feel like you are stuck on the starting blocks, despite the efforts you have made.

Download my Heart-Centred Career worksheets to help you discover that you have come further than you think.

Use this worksheet to help you:

Take stock of how far you’ve already come in your life so far.

Identify the qualities that have helped you to get here.

Notice the areas of your life that need your attention.

Learn what your heart is calling you to focus on next.

Hi, I’m Susie,

I am a Certified Amanae Practitioner and Coach. I am passionate about helping creative people to uncover their innate talents, define their mission and to take practical steps towards creating meaningful and fulfilling careers for themselves.

I know first-hand that setting up a creative business is not simply a case of working through a to-do list, and that there are always layers of resistance to be worked through regarding self-worth, perfectionism, and procrastination, to name but a few.

For that reason, I have combined my very practical and grounded coaching approach with Amanae – a powerful energetic breath and bodywork technique – with the aim of helping you to make the transition into the career that you love.

To learn more about it, please book in for a free 15 minute Zoom discovery call

Or, you can book in for a career transformation session. During this 90 minute session we will  establish what you need and get started. You can book this as a standalone session, and/or you can book in for subsequent sessions, as needed. In this way you can work at your own pace. To arrange your session, please contact me


Some examples of what we can work with are:

✓ Explore what you know so far about your mission, vision and values

✓ Identify any gaps that need working on and discuss how you can fill them

✓ Identify and let go of ideals and beliefs that no longer serve you

✓ Create a clear picture of what you would like to do, how you will do it, and the values that underpin your work

✓ Put all your ideas into a clear framework

✓ Identify a project to work on for the next few weeks and begin taking action

✓ Explore how you are supporting yourself, practically and emotionally

✓ Work with the emotional obstacles that arise each week

✓ Underpin your ideas by exploring how they nourish you financially

✓ Deal with issues that are stopping you from making yourself visible to your clients/customers

✓ Invite your future self to broaden your vision for your business