My name is Susie, I am based in Kent, UK, and I provide trauma-informed bodywork, breathwork and coaching for self-discovery and emotional healing. I have spent much of my adult life exploring how life’s hardships can be transformed into an awakening process, having noticed that people with great talents have often come from backgrounds where there were emotional and relational difficulties.

I have been dedicated to finding effective ways to support people so that they can rise to their rightful place in life.

As well as working with themes of change in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, I spent five years coaching people who were healing from mental health difficulties, and three years coaching people with type 2 diabetes to make lifestyle changes and improve their health. 

I developed techniques that helped people to identify their interests and innate talents, and to work towards careers that would feel meaningful for them. 

I also learnt that some of the most difficult changes cannot be made through talking alone, and that deep-rooted issues needed to be addressed by working with the body.

This ultimately led me to learn how to work with the body and the breath as a way of meeting and releasing emotional pain, and also expanding into aspects of the self that had previously been inaccessible.

My work is focused on helping people to access the energy of the heart so that they can use the wisdom that it holds to gain a real sense of themselves, their values and their purpose in life. 


Having already trained in anatomy, physiology and massage in 2002, I spent almost three years training in a body and breathwork technique known as Amanae as part of my own healing experience. Here, I also learned to facilitate other people’s healing processes. The process was immersive and required humility and a willingness to surrender to whatever arose. These have become principles that I now live by, and they keep me in the flow of life and in a constant state of discovery.

A valuable support to my training was my own long-term therapeutic process. This additional support provided a forum to go deeper into my inner world and the tools to work intelligently with the issues that arose. 

I regularly collaborate with fellow practitioners within my discipline to deepen the work and also to facilitate group sessions. In addition, I practice in a multi-disciplinary environment, which brings additional richness and support to my own work.

More recently, I have begun a Certificate In Life Holistic Life Coaching run by Wellness Professionals At Work to consolidate the experience I’ve gained in the field over the years.

The training for this work never really ends, there is always new learning to expand into and more experiences to be had.



Amanae Transformational Bodywork January 2020, Amanae Europe, Leuven, Belgium

Motivational Interviewer and coach since 2015, working with behavioural change for type 2 diabetes, and career development for people with mental health difficulties. Trained by George Perry

ITEC anatomy, physiology, and Swedish Massage 2002, City and Islington College, London

BA Anthropology and Linguistics (Hons) 1999, University College London


Working with Trauma Masterclass, March 2023, The Gestalt Centre, London

Working with Conflict and Confrontation in Groups and Teams, November 2022, The Gestalt Centre, London

Muscle Energy Technique, September 2021, Quantum Metta School of Massage, London

Control of Cross-Infection in a Post-COVID-19 World Qualification, July 2020, Jennifer Young Training

Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma, June 2020, Centre of Excellence

NCFE Level 2 certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems, June 2020, North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College

NCFE Level 2 certificate in Introduction to Counselling Skills, November 2019, Harlow College

Deep Tissue Massage courses, September & November 2019, Quantum Metta School of Massage London

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